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Norman Price welcomes you to the Manuscript Appraisals website.   Our range of literary and editorial services includes an independent appraisal of authors' MSS (fiction and non-fiction, but no poetry), in-house copy-editing, and fast eBook and/or paperback publishing of your books.

Our staff expertise embraces thrillers, crime, adventure, horror, travel, biographies, memoirs, comedy, sport, and popular women's fiction. We also undertake editorial work in most areas of academic research and tertiary education. We are especially interested in the work of new writers.

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So how can Manuscript Appraisals help you to join our growing family of published authors?  Click on each of our web pages (top left) to learn more about our range of professional services for ambitious writers.  


 Editorial Director: Norman Price  Consultants: Ray Price, Sylvia Burr